Video Editing

~ Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots

I currently do most of my video editing for Pixel Reboot. I also help them stream and host reviews on there site.

I teach you each step that must be taken to find all the parts of chroma in 2 minutes.

Warframe – How to Get Chroma – Each Step in 2 minutes.

A visit from the Gore Queen: (‘Twas a Night on Fortuna)

A visit from the Gore Queen (‘Twas a Night on Fortuna)Chroma – Each Step in 2 minutes.

Nepal’s temples and historic landmarks may be rebuilt one day, but food, medicine and shelter for the Nepali people is desperately needed today. Please click the link below and donate to the Pureland Project’s Nepali relief efforts. Thank you.

Minecraft (re)Build: Nepal Benefit Project